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listed.  You should therefore be able to delete from top of the list
down to the first file that wasn't restore.  =20
In practice I actually leave in both the last partially restored file
and the one above it - I then remove those from the restored files -
I've seen issues where even though the file above the partially restored
one appears to have been completely recovered it has caused issues if I
don't delete it too.
Your resulting list(s) should only be those files that are NOT on the

4) Start a bprestore using the list created above.  (Start a separate
one for each list if there is more than one.)
bprestore -R <changefile> -L <restorelog> -C <client source of the
backup> -D <client dest of the backup> -S <NBU master> -s MM/DD/CCYY
hh:mm -e MM/DD/CCYY -f <filename>
Where changefile is a file you use for renaming the files if restoring
to an alternate path - not necessary if you're restoring to original
location.  You would first have to create change file to use it.
Restorelog overrides default log location - not required.
-D destination not required if your restoring to original client.
Filename =3D the list file you created above.

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Good Evening,=20

You can generate a list of files to restore in a file and pass that file
as input to the netbackup restore command.

I believe this feature as listed below is basically the tsm -ifnewer
option .=20

I wonder if the netbackup folks would accept this new feature requrest.


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On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 03:03:55PM -0400, gbkyle wrote:
> I have listed below our current scenarios and actions we would like to
take in the event of this scenario. I was wondering if this is possible
with NetBackup, or possibly even an existing tool or script.
> 	Scenario \	Action
> 1	0kB File on location to restore to \	Overwrite File
> 2	File on Location to Restore to Has newer modification date than
that is on Tape \	Do Not Overwrite
> 3	File on location to Restore to has older Modification date than
that is on the Tape \	Overwrite File
> 4	File Does Not Exist	\ Write File

Possible, yes.  Not sure how easy or efficient it would be.

All the information needed to make that decision can be found from
bplist/bpflist (both can show mtime from file at time of backup) and by
scanning the actual filesystem.  You could have a script look at the
catalog and the filesystem and create a list of files that you want to
restore, and make the restore overwrite unconditionally.

That part seems reasonable, but parsing the stuff from the catalog would
take a bit of work.  The thing I don't know is how well NBU would deal
at the end with a restore request and a file listing with *lots* of
files.  Assuming that part is fine, this is doable.

Good luck!

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