[Veritas-bu] Using BAR on Exchange CCR Cluster - How to change destination to CCR Name?

david at stanaway.net david at stanaway.net
Fri Feb 26 17:32:15 CST 2010

To restore Exchange, the destination needs to be the CCR Name, but the
client properties on each node have the node name set to the destination.

I can only redirect the destination on the master server, as I expect, but
is there a special case for clustered systems?


I have

CCR cluster mail-cluster
with node1 and node2, node1 being active.

I want to do a backup, and have done all the pre-reqs for CCR passive copy
backup and backup of mail-cluster is done from node2.

Now I want to do a GRT restore, and don't want to pull up BAR on the NBU
Master server as this is not me who will be doing this, but an Exchange
admin. How can I have them be able to do the restore strictly from on of
the nodes in the Exchange cluster?

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