[Veritas-bu] Storage life cycle policy query.

William Brown william.d.brown at gsk.com
Thu Feb 25 11:27:33 CST 2010

Provided that you are on 6.5.4 or later you can select which copy you do duplications from.

I'm not quite clear when you say "tape at same location" if that is the site where the backup happens, or the remote site.  The particular idea in 6.5.4 was to allow duplication to tape at a remote site to use the remote disk copy.  Prior to 6.5.4 all duplication used the initial backup as the source.

I can't see any reason why you cannot set up one backup and two duplication jobs in an SLP, with both duplications using the same source.  However, the locking mechanisms around allocation of resources will I suspect prevent those two duplications actually running at the same time;  they may both get submitted but I think one may wait to get allocated the disk with the backups on.

Of course the disk you send the backups to must be an advanced disk storage unit of some type - cannot be basic Disk.

William D L Brown

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Hello All,

We have setup a SLP for the duplication of images to diffrent storage units.

We are taking a backup on Disk them duplicating it to another disk at diffrent location and then to tape at same location.

My question is that this all is a very time consuming process.

As first backup goes to disk one:-to tape.Then duplication starts to disk2 and then

Is there any way to run both the duplication process simentaneously when the backup to disk 1 completes.

I mean when backup to disk 1 done: -Can the duplication run on idsk2 and tape simentaneously.

We are using OST option but it is not offrening us the D2D2T option.

Could somebody put some more light on it?

Thanks and Regards
Pranav Batra

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