[Veritas-bu] Any gotchas with 10 GB Ethernet?

William Brown william.d.brown at gsk.com
Tue Feb 23 12:24:04 CST 2010

Actually it is the 5220 that does and the 5240 that does not.

The T5220 has the 10GbE circuitry on the CPU.  With the T5240 that was displaced by the circuitry for the CPUs to talk to each other, and the 10GbE is on another chip.  If you hunt round for the architecture white papers there are block drawings.

We have a number of T5220s with the XAUI cards and optical 10GbE SFP+.  Goes along briskly especially with Jumbo Frames.

William D L Brown

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Oh yeah, and if you haven't bought the servers yet, Sun has some with dedicated busses for 10Gb NICs.  Haven't played with them yet, but it's definitely worth considering.  I want to say the 5240 has them while the 5220 doesn't.

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