[Veritas-bu] Any gotchas with 10 GB Ethernet?

Shekel Tal Tal.Shekel at uk.fujitsu.com
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I haven't followed the whole thread so excuse me if my message isn't
relevant but I read in a performance tuning guide you should set your
NET_BUFFER_SZ to 4 times the size of your SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS

Also - not mandatory but recommended to match the client and media
server network buffers

The feature is very useful for high latency lan/wan links where you will
definitely see a difference. I have also used and tested it with jumbo
frames which yielded significantly improved results (although jumbo
frames on their own will make a big difference)

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I don't know if this has changed since 5.1, but at 5.1 and earlier you
would need to use /usr/openv/netbackup/NET_BUFFER_SZ (yes, SZ) and put a
value greater than 64KB in there.  It really doesn't matter what you
use, unless you're going over a LFN, 1048576 will work in most cases.
It's not like making it too big is going to hurt anything.  And,
contrary to an old rumor, it is not nor has it ever been necessary to
set this value to the same thing on client and server.

Most people won't see any affect at all by doing this (unless you're
running really old NBU and doing duplication) until they get to about 4x
trunked Gb or higher.

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