[Veritas-bu] Is there a trick to restoring to a mapped NT drive?

Len Boyle Len.Boyle at sas.com
Wed Feb 17 19:18:28 CST 2010

This may be a permission problem. My fuzzy memory says that we have done this in the past. 
By default the netbackup services run under the local SYSTEM account which has by default root access to the local file systems. But no special privs for remote file systems. You might try to change the netbackup client service to run under an userid that has rights over the share. Or restore to a local file system and copy the restored data to S:

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Subject: [Veritas-bu] Is there a trick to restoring to a mapped NT drive?

We want to do an alternate path & alternate client restore for an NT
data set.

The data was originally on Server1 on the D: drive.  I want to restore
it to Server2 on the S: drive.  S is a mapped drive, a CIFS share from a
Netapp filer.

The restore process can't find the S: drive.

I tried to restore D:\ to S:\ and that didn't work.

I tried to restore D:\ to \\filername\sharename and that didn't work

Is there a trick to this?

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