[Veritas-bu] ltid not started

Victor Engle victor.engle at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 11:04:38 CST 2010


I think this is probably normal behavior but I couldn't find confirmation in
the docs. I have a media server which had a VTL configured. When the VTL was
configured, the ltid daemon was running on the media server. The VTL is
being replaced by data domain which will be used in non-VTL mode but as of
now, there are no devices at all configured for this media server. When the
daemons start on this system, ltid is not started. I assume this is because
there are no devices for ltid to manage.

So I'm just looking for confirmation as to my assumption. Also, if using the
data domain system in OST mode, should I expect to see ltid running on the

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