[Veritas-bu] Cant read backup sets after Server BE 10 reinstall

Michael Penland mpenland at onrite.com
Tue Feb 16 22:13:11 CST 2010

I had a server harddrive issue on my windows box running BackUp Exec 10.
I rebuilt the server with new hard drive and reinstalled backup exec 10.
I run a quantum tape library with bar codes.
How do I bring the old tapes into the new media server and read the existing backup sets.
I need to use them for another server restore. I cant figure it out.
I inventoried and cataloged a couple and they show no backup sets.
Please return an email to me and tell me where to find the answer on this.
I am sure I am not the first to go through this.
Desperately need advice on this.
Thank you in advance.
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