[Veritas-bu] can't re-use older tapes with new library

Huddle, Stephen R Stephen.Huddle at duke-energy.com
Tue Feb 16 15:58:11 CST 2010

I assume by lto; you mean LTO1?
If so they will be write protected because and LTO3 drive cannot write to lto1 tapes, but it can still read them.

Google LTO

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Here is the problem.  Some time ago we upgraded a library from an lto to lto3.  Now they scan differently and I set barcode rules to get the tape numbers to match.  The problem is that the older tapes are showing up as write protected.  I assume this is because the media id and the id that netbackup puts on the tape do not match.  I have tried to use re-label with both gui and command line.  I can't figure out how to get around this one.

p.s.  None of the data on the tapes is needed.  We just don't want to throw away hundreds of LTO tapes.

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