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Len Boyle Len.Boyle at sas.com
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Interesting that the bpcd test fails, I assume sometimes and sometimes not.

Do you have a firewall between the master and client server?
Are there multiple paths between the master and client?
When netbackup fails the bpcd test can you make any other connections between the two servers (ftp, sftp, telnet etc)?
Are there any hung netbackup processes on the client?
Have you turned on the debug logs on the client and master? Verbose=5?
If so do you see anything interesting in the logs.
Are the errors on full backups only or incremental backups only or both.


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Another server with exactly same story , but bptestbpcd show :

<16>bptestbpcd main: Function ConnectToBPCD(Server B) failed: 23
socket read failed
I cant understand why are thse failing :(

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Hi All,

I have an issue here.

Master : Netbackup 6.5.4 , Solaris10
CLient : netbackup :6.5.4 , Solaris10

Backup works fine for some days and then it starts failing with error 21.

-------> Host entry are ok
-------> Server is pingable
-------> Telnet to bpcd hungs up
-------> bpgetconfig provides the output :
Solaris, Solaris10
SunOS 5.10
--------> bpclntcmd works fine.
--------> bptestpcd shows following result :

<16>bptestbpcd main: Function ConectToBPCD(server A) failed: 21
socket open failed
Can somebody suggest what's happening here?


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