[Veritas-bu] Job priorities for Duplication vs Duplication stage of SLPs

William Brown william.d.brown at gsk.com
Thu Feb 4 04:04:30 CST 2010

We've not changed the Default Job Priorities on a 6.5.4 Master Server, but I'm seeing a difference between the job priority of a Duplication job started by bpduplicate, which is set to 50000, and the job priority for the Duplication jobs created as a result of the SLP duplication phase, which is 0, the same as the backups.

Is there are way to raise the priority of the duplication phase of an SLP?  We are using them for D2D2T and I want to be sure that the duplication to tape cannot get stuck waiting for backup jobs, as that might cause the disk staging to fill.  There is no place in an SLP definition to set a priority for any particular stage.

William D L Brown

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