[Veritas-bu] Backup to "null" device?

Jon Bousselot jon-bousselot at pacbell.net
Wed Feb 3 23:07:22 CST 2010


When I tried to do what you are asking under NBU 6.0, it never worked 
for me. 
The link describes a new method for 6.5.x which looks promising.  I 
should try it too.


A Darren Dunham wrote:
> I'm planning some upgrades to a location with a media server.  Right now
> it only has a slow tape drive.  I'd like to do a backup to this media
> server and see how fast it could receive.
> I don't have any disks there that could be used for a normal DSU.  Is
> there a way to configure a DSU/STU to a "null" device?  I want to see
> how fast clients and the network can get data to the media server
> without the limitation of the current tape drive that's attached.
> Thanks for any ideas,

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