[Veritas-bu] Any gotchas with 10 GB Ethernet?

William Brown william.d.brown at gsk.com
Tue Feb 2 01:24:22 CST 2010

This is what we use, though it is not special to 10GbE; I've no doubt many people will have their own schemes.  It's from a script that checks settings against our design:


        TCP parameters:

        tcp_wscale_always:            current:       1  recommended:       1
        tcp_tstamp_if_wscale:         current:       1  recommended:       1
        tcp_xmit_hiwat:               current: 1048576  recommended: 1048576
        tcp_recv_hiwat:               current: 1048576  recommended: 1048576
        tcp_cwnd_max:                 current: 2097152  recommended: 2097152
        tcp_max_buf:                  current: 4194304  recommended: 4194304
        tcp_time_wait_interval:       current:   60000  recommended:   60000
        tcp_conn_req_max_q:           current:    8192  recommended:    8192

        Sendpipes & Recvpipes:

        route <x.x.x.x>  recvpipe:  current: 1048576  recommended: 1048576
        route <x.x.x.x>  sendpipe:  current: 1048576  recommended: 1048576

I'd say the hiwat settings are the most important, and tcp_cwnd_max and tcp_max_buf must be raised to allow for that.  We are also implementing Jumbo Frames which in testing made about 60-80% increase in throughput using iperf.  Slightly harder to test with NetBackup as more moving parts like disks involved, and for many clients we cannot set it as we don't have a separate backup LAN, and some applications don't want to try it.

William D L Brown

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Hello All,

We are in the process of implementing 2 new Solaris media servers with
10 GB Ethernet.  Are there any gotchas on the OS side or the NetBackup
side I should be aware of?  Any buffer settings we need to tweak or new
touch files, etc?

Thanks in advance.

Tom Tschida
Boston Scientific
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