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Lewick, Taylor tlewick at hrblock.com
Thu Mar 31 13:43:36 CST 2005

We have the following...

Sorry, had to attach two html files to be able to explain/show you

You see a web page that contains every server name as a link
So in this example, I just clicked on the server named Apollo, which is
part of the Unix-Simple-4 backup policy, with about 7 other Unix

Open the apollo html file.
Then open the Unix-Simple-4 html file.

This prints out each servers backup schedule and frequency of backups,
so you can see when the backup window for the incremental and full is on
Apollo, and that can be used for auditing purposes or for customers to
know when their machines are being backed up, what type, i.e.
incremental/full, how long the image is retained for etc...

Its part of a massive coverage report we build. We just run the one in
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies check_coverage and save the output to a
daily tmp file then run another script to get out of it what we want...

This piece is just building and formatting the policy reports of our

Does this satisfy your requirements?
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