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We have tried Veritas' Command Central (CCS) for reporting and it was
tough to use (in my opinion) and a bit of a resource pig. (This was a
while ago.) It had a lot of features, but I found it hard to configure.
In addition, there were a number of SQL scripts that you would need to
write and cron.

I think paying for a third-party app that you can work with is best at
this point. Maybe Veritas can work things out with their CCS so that it
is a little more user-friendly in the future. BTW, you are right... You
have to PAY to use CCS.



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On Wed, Mar 30, 2005 at 10:07:37AM -0800, Tim Berger wrote:
> It's unfortunate that we need to build our own reporting system or buy
> something to get useful reporting.

The way I look at it is that Veritas could bundle a reporting system,
but then they'd just charge us more for licenses.  Although it would be
nice to have a fully integrated reporting system supported by Veritas,
I'm at least somewhat satisifed that we can go out and purchase
something to fill the needs.  It's certainly tougher to justify to buy a
3rd party product but they are out there.  Aptare's StorageConsole is my

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