[Veritas-bu] VSS or Microsoft Shadow Copy Provider

Paul Keating pkeating at bank-banque-canada.ca
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If it's similar to 5.0.....
In the admin GUI, 
Host Properties -> Master Servers -> double click the appropriate master
server to connect, then right click -> properties.
Select "Client Attributes".
hit the "Add" button....enter the name of the client you want to disable
VSS on, hit add, then close.
Once the client is in the list there, click on it to highlight it, then
click on the Windows Open File Backup tab on the upper right.
Take the "check" out of "Enable Windows Open File Backup for the
client"...then ok everything.

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	Using 5.1, master is Solaris, we have had very high tread counts
when attempting certain window's backup. This has been trace to VSS.

	Realizing that VSS or Microsoft Shadow Copy Provider  can be
disable by disabling the service on a window's box, I have a box that
because it's the end of the month I can't modify. The question is from
the NetBackup perspective is there anyway I can tell NetBackup not to
try to start the VSS service when it attempts a backup?



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