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You are exposing yourself to a potential to have to import and catalog a
month worth of tapes.  If the only tapes that are going offsite is the
monthly then you're exposing yourself to the potential loss of a whole
month's worth of data.  Think of a tornado, which have occurred in all
fifty states!  For your catalog tape the minimum you need is three: one
in the library, one offsite, and one in between the two.  

EXAMPLE:  Last night's catalog is in the library right now, yesterday's
is offsite, and the day before yesterday's tape is in transit.  If while
loading the tape at the offsite, the tornado hits and drops the building
on the courier vehicle: you still have your onsite catalog.  If the
tornado hits your building when the courier vehicle is at your loading
ramp; you have yesterday's tape offsite.  The loss of data would be
reduced from one month to one day; provided your backed up data is
accompanying your catalogs from the production environment to the safe



Rockey J. Reed

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What's the "standard" procedure to offsite the backup
catalog for DR purposes? I do monthly full backups and
send the tapes offsite. I want to send offsite the
catalog backup after all the monthly jobs are done.
Currently, I have 2 tapes configured for catalog
backups. Do I just send the latest catalog backup tape
offsite then add a new tape to the pool? What are
other ways to achieve this?

I'm fairly new to Netbackup. I have searched the
archive but could come up with anything concrete. I'm
still confused. Thanks for any advices on this matter.
BTW, I'm running NBU 5.1 with MP2 on Solaris 9 with
StorageTek library.


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