[Veritas-bu] Backup Catalog offsite

dante sparda spardante at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 30 15:27:12 CST 2005


What's the "standard" procedure to offsite the backup
catalog for DR purposes? I do monthly full backups and
send the tapes offsite. I want to send offsite the
catalog backup after all the monthly jobs are done.
Currently, I have 2 tapes configured for catalog
backups. Do I just send the latest catalog backup tape
offsite then add a new tape to the pool? What are
other ways to achieve this?

I'm fairly new to Netbackup. I have searched the
archive but could come up with anything concrete. I'm
still confused. Thanks for any advices on this matter.
BTW, I'm running NBU 5.1 with MP2 on Solaris 9 with
StorageTek library.


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