[Veritas-bu] Backup Audit script...

Ungaro, Matt mjungaro at capitolindemnity.com
Wed Mar 30 13:20:22 CST 2005

I've heard that NBU 6 is going to give us reporting tools right out of the
box.....a lot of things about 6 sound like it's going to be completely worth
the upgrade. 

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> How come they're not demanding md5sum discrepancy reports? ;-)

They're not demanding anything but a "fix" right now.

Just had a meeting on the issue, and it looks like we may implement something
to publish our backup results on a webpage so that our clients can verify
their own backups.

> If you can demonstrate that your backup system is functional, that you 
> perform restores on a frequent basis, and keep logs of all restores 
> and their status that ought to be good enough.

In a perfect world ;-)

> It's unfortunate that we need to build our own reporting system or buy 
> something to get useful reporting.



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