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Mark.Donaldson@cexp.com Mark.Donaldson at cexp.com
Tue Mar 29 16:21:58 CST 2005

So you want a script that says on what day a backup runs?

It's no so easy to generate.  It's really a function of when the window is
open AND the frequency of the backup.  My archived-redo backups are 7x24
windows (with a few 1x168's I think) and a two-hour frequency.  It runs 12
times a day based on this window.  Still others have two open windows per
week but the frequency keeps it to running only once per week (unless
there's a backup failure the first attempt).  I call these "second chance"

You might just print the policy for them: 

  bppllist <policy_name> -U

... or, perhaps, all policies for a given client:

  bppllist -byclient <clientname> -U

and the schedule windows & frequency are there:

  Schedule:          Incr
    Type:            Differential Incremental Backup
    Frequency:       every 1 day
    Maximum MPX:     4
    Synthetic:       0
    PFI Recovery:    0
    Retention Level: 4 (2 months)
    Number Copies:   1
    Fail on Error:   0
    Residence:       (specific storage unit not required)
    Volume Pool:     (same as policy volume pool)
    Daily Windows:
          Sunday     04:00:00  -->  Sunday     16:00:00
          Monday     04:00:00  -->  Monday     16:00:00
          Tuesday    04:00:00  -->  Tuesday    16:00:00
          Wednesday  04:00:00  -->  Wednesday  16:00:00
          Thursday   04:00:00  -->  Thursday   16:00:00
          Saturday   04:00:00  -->  Saturday   16:00:00

...It's a start.  Other than that, if you've got different ideas, lots of
things are possible but you'll have to detail your question a little more.


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Has anyone written a script to do a backup audit?  We have something in
place to get information about our backups but the hardest thing to get is
the days of the week the backup runs. The user comes back and says I see my
backup is active but when does it run?  Can anybody help on this?
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