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Tue Mar 29 07:47:38 CST 2005

How about the Media manager pieces; my thought was to installed media
manager ( including the client) on a machine; tarring it up; then writing a
script of the changes it would have made if it was a regular install (
/etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf) ; but there are entries in the
/kernel/drv and /kerne/drv/sparcv9 as well as the sg.conf file
which makes it a bit tricky.

if you have attempted that can share your thoguhts; I appreciate the

      Ebrahim Abu-Rashid

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I've done something similar - a non-interactive install to build a linux

You'll need a copy of of the solaris client tree.  You can tar it up
like this  (assuming you have gnu tar and gzip in /usr/local/bin):

PATH=/usr/local/bin:/bin tar czCf /usr/openv
/tmp/netbackup-solaris-client.tar.gz netbackup/help share
netbackup/client/Solaris/Solaris8 NB-Java.tar.Z

Copy this to some scratch area and unpack. Then you'll need patch up
some of the installer scripts so that the root of relevant files
referenced is whereever the jumpstart mount point is.

For example:
${ECHO} "$1     $2/tcp  $1" >>/etc/services

${ECHO} "$1     $2/tcp  $1" >>/mnt/root/etc/services

These scripts are cp_to_client, extract_java, and move_libs.  Comment
out the part about restarting inetd as well.  tar this back up.  This
is what you'll use in your jumpstart scripts.  From a jumpstart
script, unpack it then run cp_to_client <master> <clientname>.  After
that runs, you can copy over customized exclude_list files and such.

Hope this helps.

On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 14:59:28 -0500, ebrahim.abu-rashid at convergys.com
<ebrahim.abu-rashid at convergys.com> wrote:
> Has any one attempted silent install of Netbackup on Solaris server; if
> can you please offer some insight on that; I am trying to get Netbackup
> installed when a server gets jumpstarted.
> thank you
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