[Veritas-bu] NBU 5.0 MP4 vs NBU 5.1 MP1

Johnny Oestergaard joe at joe.net
Mon Mar 28 13:39:25 CST 2005

Yes, we moved directly from 4.5FP6 to 5.1MP1
And applied MP2 when it came out.

I talked with our Veritas consultant about what we should do when migrating 
up from 4.5FP6, and he told me that his advice ws to go directly to 5.1MP1. 
He also told that he had done this for several customers, and that it was 
done without problems in all the installations he has seen.

We have used this consultant for 3-4 years now.


At 14:12 28-03-2005 -0500, Paul Keating wrote:
>We moved directly from 4.5PF6 to 5.1MP1 and we didn't notice any real 
>change or any problems in doing that.
>Our installation is a windows only installation.
>We still have clients running 4.5, but most are at 5.1.
>We upgraded to MP2 1-2 weeks after it came out.
>Good to know....so you moved directly to 5.1 MP1, then to MP2 shortly after?
>We're trying to fix an issue that seems to be on the client side, so we 
>will have to upgrade clients in short order after the server is upgraded.
>The only problems I have had in 5.1 is in the cleanup of DSSU.
>I've encountered this with 5.0, so it wouldn't be a new problem.
>Without knowing anything about your situation and installation I would go 
>for 5.1 MP2.
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