[Veritas-bu] NBU 5.0 MP4 vs NBU 5.1 MP1

Johnny Oestergaard joe at joe.net
Mon Mar 28 13:06:39 CST 2005

We moved directly from 4.5PF6 to 5.1MP1 and we didn't notice any real 
change or any problems in doing that.
Our installation is a windows only installation.
We still have clients running 4.5, but most are at 5.1.
We upgraded to MP2 1-2 weeks after it came out.

The only problems I have had in 5.1 is in the cleanup of DSSU.

Without knowing anything about your situation and installation I would go 
for 5.1 MP2.


At 13:13 28-03-2005 -0500, Paul Keating wrote:
>So I've been hit with 
>Fairly new installation, and clients aren't feeling too warm and fuzzy.
>We're looking at patching up to remedy this, and I wanted to get a feel 
>for what people are running, and opinions on which release we should go to.
>Veritas says it's fixed in 5.0 MP4 and 5.1 MP1, but management thinks 5.1 
>MP1 is too big of a jump from 5.0 MP3 (where we are, currently)
>Any advice??
>Anyone else seeing this issue?
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