[Veritas-bu] NBU 5.0 MP4 vs NBU 5.1 MP1

Paul Keating pkeating at bank-banque-canada.ca
Mon Mar 28 12:13:06 CST 2005

So I've been hit with http://seer.support.veritas.com/docs/269993.htm
Fairly new installation, and clients aren't feeling too warm and fuzzy.
We're looking at patching up to remedy this, and I wanted to get a feel
for what people are running, and opinions on which release we should go
Veritas says it's fixed in 5.0 MP4 and 5.1 MP1, but management thinks
5.1 MP1 is too big of a jump from 5.0 MP3 (where we are, currently)
Any advice??
Anyone else seeing this issue?
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