[Veritas-bu] HUGE mistake!!!

Zermeno, Brandon (Contractor) BZERMENO at intersil.com
Mon Mar 28 10:15:47 CST 2005

On Friday we had to rebuild another Exchange server. After installing
the OS (win 2k advanced) and Veritas, I attempted to restore the OS and
System State. But in my infinite wisdom I restored that data to another
server! I have a server that we use as a utility server, it has a lot of
drive space and us NT admins use it to run certain programs. It is not
really a production server but I don't want to have to rebuild it. How
do I back out of what I have done? The servers are all Win 2k. The
restore was successful on the OS data and the System State but I have
not rebooted it yet. Are there steps I can take to prevent the restored
registry from loading when it is rebooted? By far the dumbest thing I
have ever done!

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