[Veritas-bu] Maximum mounts for an LTO-1 tape

Green, Steven steven.green at teldta.com
Fri Mar 25 16:41:37 CST 2005

For what it's worth we have LTO-2 drives (IBM) in an STK library and I set
the max usage count to 5000 for this media. Why? The only info I could find
on media usages for LTO-2 was an IBM publication on the technical specs for
LTO-2 drives and media and it stated a duty cycle of 5000 load/unload
cycles. Currently I have tapes with 300+ mounts and no sign of any problems.
Of course we do have NBU jobs that cough up an occasional read/write or
position error - but so far in almost every case the error is bogus because
further testing of the tape shows no media problem. My standard is that if a
tape spits out any hard write errors - I degaus & toss it. For read errors
I'm more tolerant, but have processes by which I track such errors by volser
so I know the history (if any) of past events. Hope this info helps...

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