[Veritas-bu] SSO problem...

Hampus Lind hampus.lind at rps.police.se
Fri Mar 25 12:56:01 CST 2005

Hi all!

1 hpux 11.11 master server, Netbackup 5.1 MP2
2 hpux 11.11 media servers, Netbackup 5.1 MP2
1 Solaris 9 ACSLS server, ACSLS 7.1
1 StorageTek SL8500 library
4 StorageTek 9840C drives

The drives are shared between the 2 media server with SSO.
Every morning when i get to work at least 1 drive is downed, Sometimes all 
drives are downed.
The syslog gives me Mount failed, drive already in use error on both media 

The ACSLS server seems to lock the drive "in use", but there are no tape in 
the drive.
I need to do a manually dismount on the drive from the ACSLS to get it to 
work again.

I have a case opened with Veritas and StorageTek.
Anyone seen this problem before??

Best regards,
Hampus Lind 

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