[Veritas-bu] Maximum mounts for an LTO-1 tape

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Sounds like your manager got confused between a data tape and a cleaning
At least that is an out for the manager in order to save face :-)


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I've had a manager tell me that we should be discarding our LTO-1 media
after 10 or so mounts.  He mentioned that anything over 20 is asking for
trouble.  He said he bases this on prior experience.  I've done some
searching for what could be described as a 'best practice' regarding the
expiring LTO media and haven't come up with anything definitive.  I'm
courious what others are doing. 
As for me, I've got tapes with anywhere from a dozen mounts to over a
I don't get write errors when I do backups. I don't get read errors when I
duplicate images or perform restores.  10 to 20 mounts seems a bit low.  I'd
be interested in hearing what limits others set before discarding an LTO
tape.  Thanks.

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