[Veritas-bu] RE: Send socket errors

Drunen van, Marcel marcel.drunenvan at nl.unisys.com
Fri Mar 25 02:23:51 CST 2005


Errors 10053 and 10054 are TCP/IP errors. The most probable cause is old
drivers/firmware on your NIC cards. I assume they are Gigabit? Also
check the port speed setting on switch and NIC. Should be 100
MBit/FullDuplex on both sides on a 100 MBit LAN, somewhat more difficult
on Gigabit LAN, but if possible go to 1 Gbit/FullDuplex.

First check all those NICs. I had several customers with the same
problems. Updating NIC drivers and disabling Teaming solved the problem
and seriously increased performance.



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