[Veritas-bu] sgscan hangs and cannot kill

Gary.Seibak@Metavante.com Gary.Seibak at Metavante.com
Thu Mar 24 18:18:33 CST 2005

Running Solaris 8 and using 9840B tape drives. When I run sgscan it gets to
a certain point and stops. I see that sgscan calls scsi_command and it
cannot be killed even with kill -9. Anyone ever see this before? I have
trussed the call but it stops as well.

sgscan basic
/dev/sg/c4t6l3: dev type 0h
/dev/sg/c4t6l4: dev type 0h
/dev/sg/c4t6l5: dev type 0h
/dev/sg/c4t6l6: dev type 0h
/dev/sg/c4t6l7: dev type 0h  --> last line seen before hang

this is the next dev in the list it's hanging on
/dev/sg/c4t7l0 -> ../../devices/pci at 84,4000/FJSV,ulsa at 1/sg at 7,0:raw

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