[Veritas-bu] Maximum mounts for an LTO-1 tape

Wayne T Smith wtsmith at maine.edu
Thu Mar 24 17:14:33 CST 2005

Bull.  The drives will wear out before the tapes will. 

The tapes are equally good at 10, 100, or 1000 mounts in my brief 4 year 
experience with LTO1.  We have a few hundred tapes mounted on 4 or 5 
drives 24x7.

cheers, wayne

Anthony Guzzi wrote, in part,  on 3/24/2005 5:27 PM:

>I've had a manager tell me that we should be discarding our LTO-1 media after
>10 or so mounts.  He mentioned that anything over 20 is asking for trouble.  He
>said he bases this on prior experience.  I've done some searching for what
>could be described as a 'best practice' regarding the expiring LTO media and
>haven't come up with anything definitive.  I'm courious what others are doing. 
>As for me, I've got tapes with anywhere from a dozen mounts to over a hundred. 
>I don't get write errors when I do backups. I don't get read errors when I
>duplicate images or perform restores.  10 to 20 mounts seems a bit low.  I'd be
>interested in hearing what limits others set before discarding an LTO tape.  Thanks.
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