[Veritas-bu] SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS on windows

Charles Ballowe cballowe at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 16:30:59 CST 2005

I recently tried to create the SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS file on a windows
media server with a value that matched what I use on unix servers and
after doing so, backups on that media server failed with some form of
media error and logs were indicating "invalid parameter" or something
similar. Unfortunately, I didn't write down the messages but rather
put them back to the defaults (deleted the file). Now I have a new
windows media server coming live in the next couple of days and would
like to get this right to start with (and to test before it goes

Is there some difference in how the values in these files are handled
between unix and windows. On the unix systems, I use 262144.


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