[Veritas-bu] Remote NDMP to master (5.1) server - dedicated drive needed?

Yosifovski, Tammy Tammy.Yosifovski at usfc.com
Thu Mar 24 10:55:37 CST 2005

We backup a NetApp filer without a dedicated drive or NDMP.  The policy
reads: Client = master server, file list = UNC path to NetApp.  A
network drive is mapped on the master to the Netapp.  We have DNS in
from different NICs on the Netapp so our file list\policies vary
depending on which NIC we want to use.  

This is on Netbackup 4.5.7, Windows master. 

NetApp has/had (we are decommissioning)about 700+ gig of data. 

I hope it helps.

Tammy Yosifovski
Systems Engineer - UNIX and Storage Services
USF Technology Services

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Hi all 

Im getting conflicting information from veritas on the need to have a
dedicated drive for ndmp backup. The scenario is:

netapp filer backed up over tcp/ip to tape library scsi attached to the
windows 5.1 master.

Ive been told that a dedicated drive was needed. I then had this looked
into and was told it wasnt. (now Im trying to get it working).


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