[Veritas-bu] Remote NDMP to master (5.1) server - dedicated drive needed?

K Chapman tech2187 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 24 09:56:52 CST 2005

--- Chris.Romano at lazard.com wrote:
> I was told by Veritas that the Netapps Filer must
> write to the tape drive I/O
> via it's own dump/restore commands and thus would
> need to have physical access
> to the tape drive.  NDMP is a protocol whereby file
> inode info is sent over
> tcp/ip to the Netbackup master catalog, and the data
> is written by the NDMP
> client.
> We are in the process of setting up Netapps Filers
> and are also getting
> conflicting info (from Netapps) about whether we
> will need fiber cards in the
> Filer dedicated to the Tape Library (or Tape SAN)
> for use with NDMP
> Chris.

please see:

we have an emc celerra and used direct and remote with
out problems.  if veritas is saying it wont work
except direct attached, the doc above is incorrect
(which i dont think is true).

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