[Veritas-bu] Hung Backup Jobs on Windows 2000 and 2003 clients

Drunen van, Marcel marcel.drunenvan at nl.unisys.com
Wed Mar 23 16:29:50 CST 2005


A good thing to post here is your problems report, or parts of it if it
is too big. Hanging jobs are often caused by network issues. You will
probably see them in the problems report. You can chase them in Google,
often get good results. If you post the most descriptive ones or the
ones that you cannot find in Google here, we can help you.

Further logging should be BPCD, BPBRM, BPBKAR, BPTM, BPSCHED. Don't post
them here, as they are fairly big. You can send them to me directly, if
I have the time I can have a look at them.

Advise when experiencing hanging jobs: apply the latest MP, look at your
NIC firmware and drivers, make a drawing of your network and see which
components between master, media and client could cause any confusion.

Kind regards,


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