[Veritas-bu] Patching

Larsen, Errin M HMMA/IT errinlarsen at hmmausa.com
Wed Mar 23 14:16:57 CST 2005

Hi list,

  I've decided I need to update a lot of my servers and clients.  I've
got a bare install (no updates yet) on all servers and clients.  Are
there any gotchas or lesson's learned I need to hear about?  I
understand I need to install the UNIX client MP first, then the UNIX
server ... And Windows will update both a the same time.

  How about mismatches.  Can I have an updated server without the
clients being at the same level?  What about the other way around?  Can
the Server be original-install while the clients are MP4?

  Any help is appreciated.

--Errin Larsen

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