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Jeff McCombs jeffm at nicusa.com
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You can check the utilization of your shared memory pools with the 'ipcs'
command if you've got it installed (part of the SUNWipc package). I have, on
occasion had processes die and not release shared mem properly. You can
whack shared mem segments with the 'ipcrm' command, though I'd suggest
making _sure_ that your whacking dead allocations and not ones in use!

Check the CPID column from an 'ipcs -A' output to find the pid of the
creating process. If it's dead or no longer exists, and there are no
attachments you can safely whack the segment.

I have had problems with Oracle 8 under Solaris 2.6 and 7 (haven't seen this
in a Oracle 9/Solaris 9 combo yet) not releasing shared mem segments on
occasion when we'd shut the DBs down for cold backups, or there'd be a flood
of connections from some poorly designed web application due to a portscan,
DoS attempt, or just dumb programmers.

IMHO, Sun needs to come up with a way so that we can increase the available
shared mem on-the-fly, instead of having to edit it in /etc/system...


On 3/23/05 8:04 AM, "Dave Markham" <dave.markham at fjserv.net> wrote:

> Bobby Williams wrote:
>> Check for "zombie" processes on the server.
>> We are seeing processes that are not closed correctly on Masters and
>> Medias that are creating these "zombies".  Do a "ps -ef" and grep for
>> "defunct".
>> The only way to clear these zombies is a reboot.  These zombie processes
>> will keep the memory allocated and it can't be used by other processes.
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> No defunct processes, although a log of oracle processes. I wonder if
> some of them are dead and not releasing memory.
> Dave
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