[Veritas-bu] modification of policies

Paul Keating pkeating at bank-banque-canada.ca
Mon Mar 21 09:54:25 CST 2005

What modifications of a policy are severe enough that the backup won't
recognize it's previous full, and end up backing up running an
equivalent to a FULL??

I know renaming a policy, or moving a client to a different policy will
effect it enough.

What about modifying schedules (Implementing dual inline copy) or
changing directives, like from ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES to explicit C:\, D:\,
System_State, etc.

Just pondering what changes I can make during the week, and what changes
would be better left to the day of the FULL......Wouldn't want to change
something in a policy today that forced every incremental for the rest
of the week to backup the whole machine.....my backup window would


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