[Veritas-bu] backup not capturing all data (Long...sorry)

Paul Keating pkeating at bank-banque-canada.ca
Mon Mar 21 08:17:57 CST 2005

Sounds like you nailed it.

Thanks for the heads up.

Looking at the conditions it specifies, the first two match for
sure.....ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES is specified, and Multistreaming is NOT.

The third...The Client must be configured for individual
snapshots.....IIRC, that is the defult, unless the client is added to
the "host Properties -> Master Servers -> properties -> client
attributes" and then the open file backup section is modified??

Looks like we need to upgrade......

Thanks again.


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> Please read the following tech alert. It describes
> your situation exactly I believe. You should make sure
> to sign up at the Veritas website to recieve all tech
> alerts from Veritas for just these kinds of warnings.
> Jeff Redington
> http://support.veritas.com/docs/269993 
> When utilizing VSS or VSP to backup Windows Clients
> with VERITAS NetBackup (tm) 5.0 MP1, 5.0 MP2, 5.0 MP3,
> or 5.1, a potential for data loss exists. The backup
> will complete with a Status code 0 (successful);
> however, there are no files to restore. The backup
> will include random root or top level
> folders/directories with no sub folders or files. 

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