[Veritas-bu] oracle rman selective datafile restores

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Fri Mar 18 11:18:05 CST 2005

I've noticed today when restoring specific datafiles from a full RMAN backup, Netbackup seems to be restoring the entire image.  Although I cant seem to find where NB is storing the image after the restore (df -k isn't showing a large growth), according to the numbers I restoring far more than I need to.  Also the restore time is obviously way to long for the number/size of datafiles I picked.

My setsize in the RMAN script is 8g so I'm assuming I need to drop that around 2-4gb.  Filesperset is 50 so maybe that will need to be reduce.  The database is around 100g total.

Are there any other options to consider for getting netbackup to restore as little as possible thus speeding up the restore times?


Solaris 8
NB Datacenter 4.5

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