[Veritas-bu] backup not capturing all data (Long...sorry)

Paul Keating pkeating at bank-banque-canada.ca
Fri Mar 18 07:38:58 CST 2005

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> Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] backup not capturing all data (Long...sorry)
> I've seen something like this on a Unix client.  It turns out that the
> files were created in the past.  Have you checked the 
> modification dates
> on the directories to make sure they're not in the future?  Also check
> the STREAMS file and see what it says for when the last full was.

Will check that first thing today.
Did you mean they were created in the future?
If I do a FULL backup, it shouldn't matter if they were created in the
past, before or after the last FULL, correct?
I haven't (yet) run into an issue with files being created in the

> The other thing to check is to make sure that somebody didn't 
> put in an
> exclude for the directories below this point.

Done....definately not that.

> I sure made a DBA happy when he created his archive logs in 
> the past (he
> gzip'ed them up and by default the date on the gzip file is 
> the date of
> the first file) and none of the gzip'ed files made it to tape...  all
> the backups completed with a status 0 - it successfully backed up
> nothing...

The file was gzipped with a past date, but a FULL picked it up, correct?


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