[Veritas-bu] backup not capturing all data (Long...sorry)

Paul Keating pkeating at bank-banque-canada.ca
Thu Mar 17 14:30:17 CST 2005

Anyone ever seen this??
NB 5.0 MP3 on a win2k client.
Check client service, and it IS running as "System"....if you check in
Control Panel -> administrative tools -> services.
Open it up and check properties, and under "login", "local system" is
Everything looks as it should.
Client was installed by local "Administrator" account.
Check file permissions on system, and permissions are set on D:\, and
all sub-dirs, and sub-sub-dirs, all down the line have the "inherit from
parent" options checked for file security.
"System" has full access to all files under the tree on D:
Every day backup finished with status 0.
Today, get a restore request, and find that the only data captured on
the D drive, is the folder names at the highest level.
If you browse the files to restore, you go into D:\ and there are a
couple folder names, and NOTHING below them.
Created log folders on client and turned debug level to 5......the only
messages generated with an incremental, is that the log directories were
discovered as newly created, and they were backed up.....
Here's the kicker....browse the files captured in this incremental, and
there a more files backedup on D: drive, but no mention of them in the
backup log.
EVERYTHING looks exactly as it should be.....backups were fine up to and
including the Jan 14th FULL....(~7Gig) browse the Jan 14th backup, adn
everything under D:\ is there.......then the Jan 21st FULL only has
about 3 Gig......and each FULL since has only been 3 Gig.......no
documented changes to this machine between Jan 14 and 21.
Logged into the machine and the data is definately there.
I have one of the Windows guys removing and reinstalling the client and
MP3 on this machine now.
The frustrating part is that the backup end with status 0......there's
no way to follow up on every backup every day to see how much data was
backed up, and then verify with the system owner if they created of
deleted a large number of files....Makes it virtually impossible to
completely remediate the situation.....
Any ideas appreciated!!
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