[Veritas-bu] Disk Staging Schedule...

Rob Worman rob at worman.org
Tue Mar 15 10:39:58 CST 2005


Yes, you can do this, but only via the command line.

The NBU GUIs won't let you specify a schedule frequency in 
minutes or seconds. But the NBU commandline allows the use 
of seconds.  

If you had a DSSU named "foobar", you could change its relocation
frequency to every 30 minutes (1800 seconds) using the following
bpschedule command:

  /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpschedule foobar -frequency 1800

The only problem with doing this is...
This change will be quietly undone if the GUI is ever used to modify 
that DSSU schedule.  (the 1800 second frequency will become 1 day)


On Tue, Mar 15, 2005 at 03:22:54PM +0100 or thereabouts, ms_vrts_nbu at mac.com wrote:
> Hi there, 
> I'd like to configure a disk relocation schedule of less than 1 hour, is there any way to do so?  
> Thanks!
> -- Mirko
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