[Veritas-bu] backing up logical host with sso

Marek Gorka marek.gorka at sun.com
Tue Mar 15 05:03:20 CST 2005


i have the following issue to solve.

a two node cluster running one logical host. both cluster physical nodes are 
connected to a library via san. they therefore are media servers.

the nbu master server runs on a separate box, also connected to san.

according to sso manual i have to create two storage units, each for every 
physical cluster node. suppose i call them A_stu for node 1 and B_stu for 
node 2. of course the storage units correspond to the same library and they 
have media servers set accordingly to each physical node.

i want to backup the logical host via san despite the fact on which physical 
node it actually runs on.

i have to prepare a policy then to backup the logical host. in the policy 
config i have to set the storage unit to use and here's where the problem 
exists. which storage unit should i choose here to be able to backup the 
logical host?

if i set the stu do A_stu and the logical host migrates to node B, it will 
be backed up via LAN to A_stu.

i was wandering if setting the storage unit to Any_Available will solve the 
problem, but i have no chance of testing this.

can anyone help with it? or maybe there's a better solution?

nbu is 5.1.

best regards,


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