[Veritas-bu] NB5.0MP3 on Sol8 with Win2003 clients.. backups stalling - FIXED (for me at least)

David Rock dave-bu at graniteweb.com
Sat Mar 12 23:03:10 CST 2005

* Williams, Kristopher L <kris.williams at hp.com> [2005-03-12 15:02]:
> I found the reason why I was unable to use the bpclient.exe command. I
> thought I would share in case anyone else has problems.

Here is one more way that works from Solaris and does NOT require
"adding" the client.

use bpsetconfig

I use bpsetconfig and bpgetconfig to script a LOT of mass changes.
bpgetconfig allows you to see just about any config option on the
clients (including Excludes on Windows clients). and conversely,
bpsetconfig can change just about anything.

in this case, 
  echo "VSP_USE = NO" | bpsetconfig -h clientname 

will turn off VSP.

You can check the status of VSP on the client by using
  bpgetconfig -M clientname | grep VSP

The -M is a bit of a misnomer. It stands for master, but actually works
on clients. I also use bpgetconfig as an early comunications test. If I
get a response from the client, it's a good indicator that it will be
able to back up.

One thing to note using bpsetconfig, though. It REPLACES the entry, not
append. So in the case of lists of media servers, you have to feed it
the ENTIRE list of servers, not just the one or two you want to add.
Doing that incorrectly can result in you removing the master server from
its list and it's "hello VNC" ;-)

David Rock
david at graniteweb.com
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