[Veritas-bu] "Can't read socket" error on client

David Rock dave-bu at graniteweb.com
Sat Mar 12 22:49:11 CST 2005

* Bobby Williams <Bobby.Williams at gtsi.com> [2005-03-12 13:05]:
> Master is Solaris 8 NB 4.5FP6
> I have several Windows (Win2K and NT 4.0) clients that are being backed up successfully.  However, when they go into the console on the client to view there backups, they get "Can't read socket" error.  We updated the clients to the latest 4.5 release but the error is still there.
> I can push restores from the master with no problem.  Using bpclntcmd with any options works correctly from the client.  No errors on backups or restores.  It is getting to be a pain when we get paged in the night just to do a restore for a file.
> They would also like to check their own backup status (instead of asking me every morning).
> I don't really know which log to turn on for the client to help identify the problem.

Make sure the client's name matches what is on the netbackup server,
EXACTLY. In most cases this doesn't matter much, but that changes
drastically once you start dealing with communication INITIATED by the
client. This goes the same for making sure the client has the exact name
of the master server in its name resolution. Sounds stupid, but it's
easy to screw up.

Also, one thing you may try is setting ALLOW_NON_RESERVED_PORTS. This
needs to be added to the bp.conf (in the registry) on the client and
checked in the Host properties of the master server (connect non
reserved port there) in order for it to work. We have had numerous
problems with networking and firewall rules getting in the way of this.
It is possible to allow traffic from the netbackup server TO the client,
but NOT allow it in the opposite direction.

As for turning on logs on the client, run makelog(s).bat in the log
directory in the install location to create ALL log directories. You
will be the mostinterested in bpcd and bprd.

David Rock
david at graniteweb.com
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