[Veritas-bu] "Can't read socket" error on client

Bobby Williams Bobby.Williams at gtsi.com
Sat Mar 12 12:05:54 CST 2005

Master is Solaris 8 NB 4.5FP6
I have several Windows (Win2K and NT 4.0) clients that are being backed up successfully.  However, when they go into the console on the client to view there backups, they get "Can't read socket" error.  We updated the clients to the latest 4.5 release but the error is still there.
I can push restores from the master with no problem.  Using bpclntcmd with any options works correctly from the client.  No errors on backups or restores.  It is getting to be a pain when we get paged in the night just to do a restore for a file.
They would also like to check their own backup status (instead of asking me every morning).
I don't really know which log to turn on for the client to help identify the problem.
Any ideas?
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