[Veritas-bu] Exchange 5.5 backups

Wayne T Smith WTSmith at Maine.edu
Sat Mar 12 11:30:52 CST 2005

Eric Ljungblad <Eric.Ljungblad at copleypress.com> [2005-03-11 02:50] wrote, in part:

>>Question: When we finally go to 5.1 - the CD says that 
>>we just upgrade the client and exchange client is auto loaded?

In addition to Davis Rock's comment that agents are included in the 
Windows 5.1 client, I'll add that after installing from the CD, update 
with the latest maintenance pack (MP2 now).  In addition to the 
maintenance packs solving several minor problems, the base 5.1 server 
has a major (data corruption) problem, so *immediately* update to a 
maintenance pack w/o ever running 5.1 base server. 

Also, whereas the clients can trail the server in version/update, they 
should never lead the server.  Veritas says they support 4.5 clients 
with a 5.1 server, and I have two that are working fine.  However, for 
the first time, I'm seeing significant problems with other 4.5 clients 
... that go away when the clients upgrade to 5.1MP2.  As a late comer, I 
don't have any 3.4 clients. :-)

cheers, wayne

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