[Veritas-bu] Exchange 5.5 backups

Eric Ljungblad Eric.Ljungblad at CopleyPress.com
Fri Mar 11 04:50:18 CST 2005

Master server is 4.5mp6
clients are still 3.4.1 on 2 nodes
exchange 5.5 on cluster nodes
database agent worked well untill tonight,
NT admin updated clients on nodes to 4.5
NOW we get files in the list dont exist (71)
I found that the new clients changed the login
service name to local - 

Question: can we still run the 3.4 agent with 4.5 clinets?
+ do we just use the 4.5 CD to ugrade the clients?

Question: When we finally go to 5.1 - the CD says that 
we just upgrade the client and exchange client is auto loaded?


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