[Veritas-bu] Tape drive shutdown after Move medium requested.

M S milan_d_stojanovic at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 10 18:02:25 CST 2005

Anybody is experiencing similar problems ?

NBU 4.5FP6 sends REWIND/UNLOAD command to a drive and then MOVE MEDIUM 
command to the library.

The library will attempt to move the cartridge back to it's home cell, 
before the drive has actually ejected the cartridge. The drive hasn't 
ejected the cartridge because the drive hasn't finished completing all the 
steps required in a REWIND/UNLOAD command.

For some reason this request time-outs and NBU system shut-down the drive ?

STK library console reports cleaning tape related message instead of a 
general error.

Problem is nether operating system depended (the same error on different 
site with  HPUX  and Solaris 5.8) nor  Master/Media one server or single 
Media server connected to the STK library.

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